Victoria villa for sale

Selling Victoria Villa Vinhomes Golden River First Class Royal Saigon Center has officially been Vingroup, 225 m2 – 275 m2 – 475 m2. Price from: 174 – 500 billion vnd

Vinhomes investor opened for sale 3 Bason Villas with very good price, discount up to 10%
NFORMATION OF SOME VICTORIA APARTMENTS FOR SALE: (build 1 basement + 1 ground floor + 3 floors).
1./ Apartment 2 river frontage, land area 437.5m2 residential land long-term ownership. Selling price: 477 billion ~ 1 billion/m2
2./ VICTORIA, has a land area of 225m2, construction area of 509.25m2. Build 1 basement + 4 floors. Selling price: 179.5 billion VND
3./ VICTORIA, has a land area of 225m2, construction area of 509.25m2. Build 1 basement + 4 floors. Selling price: 174.4 billion VND
Attractive sales policy Victoria Bason Villa
Official deposit: 5 billion vnd / unit
Equity Payment:
-10% within 30 days of signing the TTC
-90% remaining payment in 12 months
Fast payment:
– In 3 months: 30% in 30 days, 70% in the next 2 months 7% discount
– In 1 month: 100% payment 10% discount
– Own capital 30% in 1 month
– Support 70% loan interest rate for 18 months (Techcombank and MB Bank)

Vinhomes Bason villa for rent      Villa for sale in District 1


– With a prime location, 54 Vinhomes Ba Son villas are next to the most beautiful riverside avenue in the city, overlooking the romantic Saigon River.
– 54 single and semi-detached villas with an area of 225m2 or more, neoclassical architectural style with charming, luxurious beveled roof. Converging the elite individuals, the culmination of success, sharing, connecting, creating a high standard of living.
– Vinhomes Golden River is a high-class urban complex project developed by Vingroup, located in the middle of District 1, with 2 fronts along the Saigon River:
– Total area: 25.29 ha
– Vinhomes Ba Son Villa Area (Victoria Villas): 54 villas, area from 225 m2 – 275 m2 – 475 m2

♦ Location of Vinhomes Bason Villa District 1: Số 2 Tôn Đức Thắng, P. Bến Nghé, Q. 1, TP. Ho Chi Minh

The Vinhomes Ba Son project with the outstanding advantage of the surrounding Saigon River will form a modern urban area while ensuring green space for residents.
♦ Metro Line 1 Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien is underground and runs along the urban population with Ba Son Station No. 3, located below the square, helping residents easily connect to the surrounding areas.
♦ Vinhomes Golden River was created on the land of Ba Son located on the Saigon River, right in the heart of District 1.


The entire The Victoria population has only 54 Vinhomes Golden River Villas:
– 1A duplex villa has 23 units with area: 225m2 (10 × 22.5)
– Semi-detached villas of type 1 B have 22 units with area: 225m2 (10 × 22.5)
– 2A duplex villas with 4 units with area: 325m2 (15 × 22.5)
– The 2B duplex villa has 5 units with area: 325 m2 (15 × 22.5)
– 1A detached villa has 5 units with area: 437.5 m2 (20 × 22.5)
– Single-family villa of type 1B has 4 units with area: 437.5 m2 (20x 22.5)

The Villa (Duplex A2, 2B) and Villa (Single 1A, 1B) are corner plots so they are both flanged and have a separate pool for each villa.
– Internal road 13m (road bed 7m, sidewalk 3m).
– Construction specifications: 3m backwards in front of 2m, 1 basement + 1 ground + 2 floors + 1 attic.
– Basement: Entertainment area, karaoke or film room, wine cellar, warehouse.
– Ground floor: car parking area, private pool, living room, dining room, kitchen.
– Floors 2, 3: Layout of the bedroom … (each bedroom has its own WC)


Vinhomes Golden River: Adjacent to Metro station No.1 Metro line, Gym, internal swimming pool, Tenis training ground, Riverside park, 5-star standard marina, Historic Square, Art Sculpture Square, Area Outdoor BBQ, Vinschool, Entertainment area for children, Vinmec Hospital, Restaurant, cafe, convenience store, bank … right at the Shophouse of Aqua buildings 1, Aqua 2, Aqua 3, Aqua 4 and Lux 6

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