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Villa for sale Vinhomes Grand Park District 9 – The Manhattan Glory

Officially launched Vinhomes Grand Park Villa District 9 only from 86-100 million vnd/ m²
– COMPOUND Isolated, Security, Separate Riverside Park
🎇 Only need to pay 35% until the remainder is received. The bank supports a preferential interest rate of 0% and a grace period of up to 35 years of principal.

✏ Techcombank, Vietcombank, MB bank supports loan disbursement up to 70% of the total villa value by March 2022
🎉 Early payment, discount 6% of the total villa value
🎊 Get home from March to July 2021
🔔 Vinhomes The Manhattan and Manhattan Glory are the new centers of East Saigon


Vinhomes Grand Park is upgraded by 71 apartment buildings (40,000 apartments) and 1,400 low-rise apartments on a total of 271 hectares
– With a 36-hectare riverside park divided into 15 small parks with themes: Light park, topographic mini golf park, picnic park, gym park (more than 800 exercise machines)…., Ben Du levels, Vinmec Hospital, Vinschool School, …
With a variety of single villas, duplex, shophouse, Indochina and Mediterranean

Project name: Vinhome Villa District 9.
Investor: Vingroup Group.
Project location: Located in Vinhome urban area District 9 – Nguyen Xien and Phuoc Thien Street, Long Binh Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.
Total area: 50 ha.
Type of villa: Single Villa and Duplex Villa.
Estimated area: From 250 – 600m².
Operation and management: Vinhome.
Construction contractor: Conteccon.
Bank guarantee: Techcombank.

Project location Vinhomes Grand Park District 9

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The Manhattan Glory is an extension of the low-rise subdivision The Manhattan. After expansion, the low-rise complex of The Manhattan and The Manhattan Glory has a total area of 84 hectares. Create the most livable riverside ecological community in Ho Chi Minh City.

In particular, The Manhattan Glory owns a separate high-end utility chain. The most prominent is the high-end marina and the trendy Y-axis light boulevard towards the great park. Creating a rare perfect scene and perfect facilities for all residents.

🎇 Outstanding facilities: 36ha light park with white sand sea, VINCOM (shopping center), VINMEC (hospital), VINSCHOOL school of international standard. Most Beautiful Urban Area City. Ho Chi Minh.
The journey to the ULTIMATE life is the journey to find NATURE !!!

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Villa for sale in Vinhomes Grand Villa District 9 – The Manhattan Glory is planned with a total of 849 units. Indochinese style design.

– Shophouse: 480 units. area from 84m2 – 230m2
– Boutique villa: 73 units, area 200m2 – 630m2
– Single villa: 136 units, area 310m2 – 639m2
– Duplex villas: 138 units, private area 150m2 – 450m2
– Single villa: 23 units, area 291m2 – 558m2

Townhouse – Shophouse 

Shophouse/Townhouse The Manhattan Glory has a scale of 480 units with 5 floors designed to optimize use, helping homeowners to both rent out for business, and at the same time, it is an ideal place for families to live.

– Scale: 480 apartments
– Types of land area: 84m2, 96m2, 108m2, 120m2, 126m2, 144m2, 162, 180m2, 220m2, 282m2
– Design: 5 floors, 1 clump
– Construction: 3m in front, 2m in back
– Function of use: both residential and business


Boutique Villa

Boutique Villa The Manhattan Glory has the advantage of being a corner unit with 2 business fronts.
– Scale of 73 apartments
– Land area from 200m2 – 630m2
– Design 3 floors 1 tum
– Construction: 3m back in front, 2m in back and side

Manhattan Glory Duplex Mansion

– Scale of 138 apartments
– Land area from 150m2 – 450m2
– Design 3 floors 1 tum
– Construction: front 3m, rear and side back 2m

Single villas

– Scale of 136 apartments
– Land area from 250m2 – 639m2
– Design 3 floors 1 tum
– Construction: 3m in front, 2m in back and 2m on both sides

Independent Villa

– There are 23 apartments
– Land area from 291m2 – 558m2
– Design 3 floors 1 tum
– Construction: 3m in front, 2m in back and 2m on both sides


Payment progress The Manhattan Glory is divided into several installments, flexible payment until receiving the house (handover from March 2021).



Handover standard of townhouses, villas, shophouse Vinhomes Grand Park low-rise area: rough handover.

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