Sunshine Horizon apartment is a product of the third high-class apartment segment of the investor – Sunshine Group was deployed in the southern real estate market, after the success of Sunshine City Saigon and Sunshine. Diamond River in District 7. The development model of the project is oriented to become a modern, high-class 4.0 resort resort.

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The Sunshine Horizon project is built at 78, the front of Ton That Thuyet Street, Ward 16, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City of the investor is Sun Group.

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Following to understand more about this 4.0 technology apartment project, Proviewland would like to give the details of the Sunshine Horizon project as follows:

Content Question
Investor Who is the project invested by Trunget Sabetran Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company
What are the reputable investors & what projects have they done? •Strong financial strength
Develop many projects with many types of products from intermediate – high – super high.
• Linking leading partners in all fields
• Bank guaranteeing the project
• Legal transparency
-The project belongs to Sunshine Group in the North
• Sunshine Center
• Sunshine City
• Sunshine Riverside
• Sunshine Crystal River
• Sunshine Golden River
• Sunshine Boulevard
• Sunshine Empire
• Sunshine Wonder Villas
• Sunshine Garden
• Sunshine Palace
• S-School inter-school
-The project belongs to Sunshine Corporation in the South
• Sunshine City Saigon
• Sunshine Diamond River
• Sunshine Venicia
-The project belongs to Sunshine Group in the resort segment
• Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay
• Sunshine Marina Ha Long Bay
• Sunshine Diamond Bay
• Sunshine Marina Hoi An
juridical What is the legal and trade name of the Project? Sunshine Horizon
When was the project licensed to build? 05/04/2017
The project has a 1/500 planning The project has a 1/500 planning
The project has paid land use fees? The project has paid land use fees
Is the project issued with a permanent red book? The project is issued a long red book for the apartment
Who issued the red book? Red book issued by Department of Natural Resources and Environment.
When to receive records as a red book? Time to receive book? The Seller is responsible for carrying out the procedures for the competent State authority to issue the Certificate to the Purchaser within 50 (fifty) days from the date of handing over the Apartment to the Purchaser. The time limit for issuing the actual certificate to the Purchaser is specified by the competent state agency
What kind of contract will customers sign? – Rental contract with multi-purpose office
– Sales contract with the apartment
When does the customer sign the contract? Expected: Quarter 4/2020
Ownership -50 years for Multi-function Office
-forever for Apartments
Who issued the red book? Red book issued by Department of Natural Resources and Environment.
When to receive records as a red book? Time to receive book? The procedures for applying for a red book are committed by the Investor in accordance with the provisions of law. After the customer receives the apartment, the investor will announce the time to receive the dossier for procedures to apply for a red book.
– The time for issuing red books will be in accordance with the regulations of the authorities, usually the first period is from 3 to 6 months, the next batches will be faster.
Can foreigners be owned? If yes, in what form? Get own with the lease form
Are buyers of project houses limited in ownership / use?
What is the content of ownership in the red book?
Does the Company stand to buy Shophouse / villa / apartments? have
Ang kontrata pumirma sa kanino? – pinirmahan sa namamahagi ay ang Sunshine Tech Joint Stock Company
Garantiya ng bangko Mayroon bang garantiya at pautang sa bangko ang proyekto? Ang proyekto ay ginagarantiyahan at ipinahiram ng HD Bank
Pangkalahatang-ideya ng Proyekto
Pangkalahatang-ideya ng proyekto Kabuuan ng lupain: 23,669.20m2
Silangan: katabi ng lupain ng 76 Ton That Thuyet
Kanluran: katabi ng umiiral na lugar ng tirahan ng Ward 16
Timog: katabi ng kalsada na Ton That Thuyet
Hilaga: katabi ng umiiral na residential area Ward 16
Lokasyon ng proyekto Punong lokasyon sa Distrito 4 Lungsod ng Ho Chi Minh: 78 Ton That Thuyet, Ward 16, District 4
Who is the construction unit? Wala pang impormasyon
Who is the design unit? Sunshine Desigh
Executive unit management? S-service
Power distribution unit HCMC Power Corporation – Tan Thuan Electric Company
Water distribution unit Saigon Water Supply Corporation – Nha Be Water Supply Joint Stock Company
Which trend design?
Who is the supervising consultant?
What is the special design of the project?
Building density? 40%
Do customers want to change the exterior design? Customers are not allowed to change the exterior design
Can customers who want to repair their houses need the procedures? Home repairs customers
Project details Meaning of the project name
What is the total land area? 23.669,20m2
Total number of apartments in the project 675 Apartments, 12 Penthouse, 187 Multifunctional Office, 19 Lot Shophouse
How many floors does the project have, what are the functions of each floor? 4 podium floors:
Floors 1, 2, 3: Shop house block dike
4th floor: Common utility area
How many entrances does the project have? 2 entrance
How many basements does the project have? 2 basements
What is the height of the basement?
How much is the internal road? 6,2m
How many evacuation rooms are there? Which floor layout? At the 20th floor of 2 buildings A and B
How many lifts does the project have? (How many elevators does each court have) 8 thang máy mỗi tòa
Which brand’s elevator?
Where is the project waste system
Corridor width? 1,7m
The distance between buildings 60m
Where is the technical area of ​​the building?
How much is utility floor on the roof?
What is the pool on the 4th floor and the roof floor?
What is the length and width of the garden hanging from each apartment? Long flat and 2m wide
Project frontage width 163m
Do you have a separate entrance and exit? If so, where is the arrangement?
What is the height of the commercial floor?
Where is the technical floor?
Apartment information What is the height of the apartment
Height of 4 podium floors
Is the air conditioner in the apartment a separate or total air conditioner? Total air conditioner
Where to hot lumps? Logia
Is there a fire system? The project has a fire extinguishing system and is designed to ensure fire safety
in accordance with standards prescribed by state management agencies.
Project utility
Can residents utilities be used for free? Additional utility services in addition to basic apartment management services in accordance with the law will be charged. However, the investor will consider a reasonable fee for residents
Utility landscape -Residential promenade
– Bungalow resting, sightseeing
– Reading huts, relaxing
– Art overflowing waterfall
– Aerial walk
– Green campus – Tropical garden
– Air Conditioning – water surface landscape
Utility floor 4 – Café S-Plus
– S-Mart
– Open-air yoga studio
– Spa Center
– Sauna room
– Gym/Fitness Center
– High-class Asian and European Restaurant
– Movie theater for residents
– Cigar Lounge – Upscale resident club
– Billards Club
– Children’s play area
– Training ground Golf electronic
– Reading room relaxing
– Poolside bar
– Sky Garden
–  Zen Garden
– Garden BBQ outdoor
– infinity pool
– Restaurant Panorama
Procedure What is the procedure of buying and selling at the project? The process consists of 5 steps:
1. Deposit
2. After Customer pays 10%, Customer will sign a Security Contract
3. Customers pay in installments according to the progress of CĐT
4. Customer receives the house when the construction is completed
5. After paying 100% of the GTCH, taxes and fees will receive the Certificate
What is the official signing contract? Sales contract for the Apartment
Lease agreement for officetel
In case the customer is changing the ID card number and the customer number is going through border-gate transfer procedures, will it affect the signing of a sales contract? In case the customer loses or exchanges their ID card, the customer can use the passport to sign the contract, in case the customer is carrying out the transfer procedures, the customer must have a temporary residence permit, accompanied by a certificate of transfer information. , appointment date to submit notarized copy of household registration book to the investor
Customers have paid money and signed a Guarantee contract, but now because the family situation no longer needs to buy, in this case how to solve? Customers can transfer the guarantee contract to others when they meet the conditions in the guarantee contract.
What documents do customers need to prepare to submit to the Investor for signing PPA? How many days to move up? • For individual customers: Documents to be submitted to the investor include: 2 notarized copies: household registration, ID card, marriage certificate (if in the name of 2 people), relevant money transfer papers ( 1st deposit paper, money transfer: …..% / total value of the apartment)
• For corporate customers: Business registration certificate, ID card of the representative, seal of the company …
• The procedure department will assist with answers regarding tasks related to paperwork.
Can I transfer the apartment to someone else before I hand it over? What is the procedure and cost? • Assigned to a 3rd party when:
• No disputes with 3rd parties.
• The customer has completed the payment of the due obligations.
• Third parties must be eligible to buy and own houses in Vietnam.
• The third party must commit to comply with the agreement of the seller and the buyer in the sale contract.
If the buyer wishes to transfer the contract to a third party, he / she must comply with the contract performance procedure, bear all taxes, fees and charges … in accordance with law (the investor will not collect). any additional contract transfer fee when completing the procedure of confirming the contract transfer to the customer).
• Procedures and costs:
• Identity of the Seller (ID card, household registration book, marriage certificate or certificate of marital status) and Third Party (ID card, household registration book)
• Sales contract (original).
• Receipt (original).
• Notary fee: According to the notary’s regulations, tax is according to the tax agency’s regulations
• After signing the notarization contract, paying all taxes and fees that need to be certified by the investor.
Is there any penalty if I pay behind schedule? And the fine is how much? •If past the payment date stated in the contract, if the customer has not yet paid or it has not paid in full according to the schedule, it will be fined with interest rate of 0.05% / day / total amount of late payment (from the date of payment to date. Customer actually paid). But not more than 60 days
In case the customer is changing the ID number, will there be any effect later when completing the procedures for the certificate of house ownership? Customers are responsible for sending notice of update of new ID card information to investors
Customers must pay any taxes, fees and charges to complete the procedure In order to carry out the procedure for granting a certificate, in addition to the VAT amount, he / she must also pay the following amounts:
– Registration fee
– Fees for evaluation and granting of land use right certificate
– Other fees (if any) …
The investor has a fee to transfer the contract In accordance with the law and agreement in the PPA, the Investor is always ready to assist customers in the transfer transactions, and commits not to collect any transfer fee, or any amount of money. Other procedures to transfer your rights and obligations under the PPA to a third party.
What are the fees when buying a home? In addition to contractual transactions, the following fees will be paid:
– Maintenance cost: 2%
– Condominium operation management fee
– Other fees as prescribed by law and Purchase agreement (if any)
Payment schedule What is the procedure for bank loan? •Capital:
• Loan application form.
• ID card, benign / KT3 of the loaned goods and the person who agrees to eat (yes).
• Ho culture and culture and culture (text, sex).
• The last lake of dawn (magnetic, business, magnetic).
Ho documents combined with each other.
What is the maximum loan term? How much is the loan? 20 years from the drawdown date, the loan limit is up to 60%
If customers choose to borrow money from the specified foreign bank’s customer, will they be entitled to the interest rate program? If the customer chooses to borrow from the Investor’s bank without regulation, he / she is not entitled to the interest rate program
Do customers who want to borrow from other banks get support from the investor? The investor does not support.
Can foreign customers borrow a bank? What is the loan terms? The investor does not support.
If the payment is 95%, how much is discounted?
Payment schedule? Depending on whether customers pay by equity or bank loans, there will be appropriate payment schedule.
Construction progress Expected when will hand over the house to customers? Expected handover in Quarter 4/2022
Hand over Form of handing over the apartment? (full furniture or basic handover) Handover basic + wall equipment
What are the terms of delivery?
What is the warranty period of the Owner for the customer’s apartment?
Operational management Management fee is how much per 1 square meter 15.000vnđ
How many years are customers free of service? Depending on the insurance policy from time to time
In addition to Fee Management Services customer have Are there any other fees?
How is the electricity and water price calculated? Prescribed by state
How much does it cost to send motorbike and car parking service per month?
Is there a water reserve system? There is a water reserve system
Is there a surveillance camera system in the area? The project has surveillance cameras in the area and all security systems are arranged in detail and carefully
Technology Technology developed by any unit Sunshine Tech
What is the warranty period for the device? Warranty according to the manufacturer’s regulations
Can residents not use technology operate normally? Technology 4.0 is used to the maximum capacity of the building To ensure uniformity according to high standards as well as quality assurance and 5-star hotel standards.


And here is a review of Proview land on the development potential as well as the profitability of Sunshine Horizon Apartment Ton That Thuyet District 4

With the Sunshine Horizon project Ton That Thuyet
1) Selling price of “Cast iron into pieces”:
– Officetel Min 65 Million VND / m2 – MAX 75 Million VND / m2
– Apartments: Min 75 Million VND / m2 – MAX 85 Million VND / m2
** With the advantages of the project and the values ​​that the project is and will bring, Proviewland sees that the price offered by CDT is not high compared to the two previous brothers.

2) Handover Time: Fourth Quarter of 2022
3) Payment method (Advantages: Payment By Progress, Appropriate purchase in the form of cumulative, Idle Money Not used for business and have a regular Income, according to the Rate of Real Estate, After Accumulated 1 Profitable assets Rent, Sell at market prices)

4) Location: at 78 Ton That Thuyet, District 4, near Tan Thuan Bridge. This location is assessed to own the golden land of District 4 in the future “investment package of VND 1,500 billion” and very convenient traffic connection to District 1, District 2, District 3, District 5, District 7. , District 8 …

5) Potential until 2022 to receive the house, surely Sunshine Horizon apartment will not have the price and favorable payment conditions as when the investor opens the sale, After 2 years from the date of receiving the house

a. The price of new BDS in the same radius of 3km Then higher than 10-30-50% of this price.
b. Beautiful land fund is not much, choose less later or have to buy very high prices.
c. Facilities: Commercial center, Office, Serviced apartment, Apartments, Swimming pool like miniature water park, miniature park. Combining creating accents and raising prices quickly and safely.

6) Statistics of selling prices of high-end apartment projects in the same segment that are being implemented in the area:
► De La Sol: Ranges from 70 – 90 million
► Saigon Royal: From 70 – 81 million / m2
► Masteri Millennium: From 67 – 75 million / m2.
► The Tresor: From 55 – 67 million / m2.
► River Gate Residence: Fluctuating around VND 54 – 62 million / m2.
► Icon 56: About 51 – 61 million / m2.
► Sunshine Horizon: from 65 million – 85 million / m2

It can be seen that compared to the common price of luxury apartment projects in District 4. The expected selling price of Sunshine Horizon apartment is also in the top of the region.

But according to Proview et al, this expected price is considered quite reasonable, due to the series of advantages that the Sunshine Horizon District 4 project possesses.

♦♦♦ Conclusion: Based on more than 10 years of experience in consulting, brokerage, purchase and sale of high-end real estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City area. Proview and his colleagues understand the importance, strategic location, and pricing of projects in the region. We see that 4.0 Sunshine Horizon apartment, whether buying or investing, is highly profitable compared to previous projects in the region.

Professional Vision Real Estate Agency One Member Limited Liability Company (Proview Land) has been in business since 2009 with over 10 years of consulting, buying and selling brokerage and leasing high-end real estate projects in the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City. Chi Minh. Proview and his colleagues understand the importance, strategic location, advantages, and pricing of projects in the region.
Come to us customers will be consulted in detail about the potential as well as the future development, or legal documents of each project.

HOTLINE: 0919942121 Mr Hiền – 0919462121 Ms Yanlin


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