Townhouses for sale in District 3, 2 fronts Nguyen Gia Thieu, 457m2, convenient for business

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For sale $8,333,333 - House
457 m2 Print
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Note: The above price is subject to change by landlord without prior notice. Price and availability have to checked at the time or enquiry.
Please contact (+84) 919 46 2121 for exact price.
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House for sale in District 3, Nguyen Gia Thieu frontage, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh, with an area of ​​19.4×23.6m = 457.8m2, 1 ground floor, pink book owner
+ The location is favorable, the area concentrates many office buildings, high-end serviced apartments. Very suitable for building a complex of offices, hotels, combining high-end business services. Now the family needs cash to sell urgently.
+ Legal clear, quick notarization.
+ High value, fast liquidity thanks to its central location.
+ Commit 100% accurate information.
Price: 200 billion vnd ~ $8,333,333


FUNCTION cell information:
Function box: Z9
– Functions of land use: Complex land – predominant residential function
– Area: 1,091,130,00 (m2)
Population: 690
– Height: 30m
– Construction density: 70%
– Land use factor: 3
Note: This is the planning target – architecture of the functional box, not the site’s target.

In addition, we also manage a number of other townhouses in District 1 & District 3 with reasonable prices. Contact us right away to have more options and to arrange a home viewing time at all times.

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