Selling resort villa land in District 2, with an area of ​​more than 3900m2, with streams, gardens, aquariums

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For sale $9,787,234 - Villa
3900 m2 Print
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Selling resort villa land in District 2, Street 38, Binh Trung Tay Ward, District 2, HCMC. The location is close to the Saigon River, 1km from Giong Ong To Bridge.
– Accredited land area: 3900m2, of which residential area: 200m2, 3700m2 of rice land
– Southwest. The land was purchased by the owner in 1995 and took care of every detail of the SQUARE campus
– There is a fish pond, a stream, a water house, a stretching garden with a hut for practicing qigong made of rare and precious stones from Egypt, so it is very cool and relaxing to have a private house for the family to live in.
– The rare and precious pine garden is 20 years old.
– The villa area right on the feng shui river is very convenient
– Villa size: front 59m – back 47m – average length 78m – projection of 2 large fronts before and after – Existing street frontage 38
Selling price: 230 billion vnd ~ 58.9 million vnd /m2 ~ $9,787,234 (Exchange rate: 23,500 VND/USD)

1. The State has paid compensation price for Nguyen Thi Dinh street where Giong Ong To bridge is 81 million/m2, Nguyen Duy Trinh street is being negotiated.
2. Road 28 connects Nguyen Duy Trinh to road 38 (which is the location of his land) has a project to expand 16m road, the ward is asking for priority to do it first.
3. The husband of the landowner is a Consulate of Chile, so this place used to be the office of the Chilean Consulate.
4. Giong Ong To River has high and low tides twice a day, so the river is not polluted like other rivers, canals and canals in many other places in the city.
5. The land has a pine hill (pine is no longer planted in the city), a stream, a large pond close to the riverbank, a pyramid with the correct size of the real pyramid, buried hundreds of kilograms below. quartz stone and at the top there is a very large quartz stone. (When you sit in the pyramid, you will see a very warm energy flow from the floor and then from the top down the energy of quartz stone is very good for feng shui and good for those who practice meditation)
6. The main house built of wood is very impressive (1 ground floor, 1 floor)
7. There is a water house.

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