City Garden apartment in Binh Thanh district for sale


No. Information Price Price/m2 Photos Link
0  Apartment included 2 units of Boulevar 2 block, high floor, area 300m2, 3BRs, 3WC, … 25 billion vnd 83.3 mil/m2 Photos
1  Penthouse architecture Duplex 2-storey, 303m2, including 3BRs, 3 WC, … 42,3 billion vnd 139.6 mil/m2 Photos
2  Apartment 140m2, including 3BRs, 2WC, … middle floor, full furniture, nice view. 11,5 billion vnd 82.1 mil/m2 Photos
3  Apartment area 103.3m2, including 2BRs, 2WC, … middle floor, fully furnished 6,7 billion vnd 65 mil/m2 Photos
4  Apartment high floor area 140.27m2, including 3BRs, 2 WC, … full interior. 9,8 billion vnd 69.8 tr/m2 Photos
5  Apartment area 158.75m2, including 3BRs, 2WC, … high floor, fully furnished. 15,8 billion vnd 99.7 mil/m2 Photos
6  Penthouse block B2 has area of 321m2, 2 floors, 4BRs, 4WC, interior wall. 37,5 billion vnd 116.8 mil/m2 Photos
7  Penthouse 2 floors, block B2, 3BRs, 3WC, … with area 308m2, wall-mounted furniture. 38 billion vnd 123.3 mil/m2 Photos
8  High-floor apartment block Boulvard, 3BRs, 2WC, … 145.69m2, full high class furniture. 8,4 billion vnd 57.6 mil/m2 Photos
9  Crecent block on high floor, beautiful view, including 3BRs, 2WC, … 140m2. 10,5 billion vnd 75 mil/m2 Photos
10  Fully furnished apartment, 180 ° wide view, block Boulevard, area 140m2, including 3BRs, 2WC, … 8,5 billion vnd 60.5 mil/m2 Photos
11  Apartment area 102m2, including 2BRs, 2WC, … middle floor block Avenue, full furniture. 7,35 billion vnd 72 mil/m2 Photos
12  Apartment 108m2, high floor, block Promenade 2, 2BRs, 2WC, … fully furnished. 7,5 billion vnd 69.4 mil/m2 Photos
13  Block Avenue apartment, area 143m2, including 2BRs, 2WC, middle floor, nice view. 7,1 billion vnd 49.6 mil/m2 Photos
14  Apartment low floor, area 72m2, including 1BR, 1WC, … fully furnished. 4,2 billion vnd 58.3 mil/m2 Photos
15  Apartment includes 1BR, 1WC, … 63m2, fully furnished, high floor. 5,3 billion vnd 84.1 mil/m2 Photos
16  Apartment in block B2, low floor, includes 1BR, 1WC, area 70m2, fully furnished. 4,1 billion vnd 58.5 mil/m2 Photos


Apartment for sell in City Garden Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh. Located in 59 Ngo Tat To, the heart of Binh Thanh District. Facilities: Swimming Pool, Gym Gym, restaurant, supermarket.

Apartment for sell in City Garden just 1.6 km from commercial center of Ho Chi Minh City.  Apartment for sell in City Garden is apartment complex consists of 926 luxury apartments, shopping malls, kindergartens, medical area and is full of recreational amenities.

Nearly three-quarters of the building is dedicated to building the landscape – so called City Garden – help urban people to live in healthy environment as the resort. Apartments offers many different choices: Type 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and penthouse apartments beautiful. Combines modern architecture and visual arts landscape, City Garden is a typical project in Ho Chi Minh City.

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