Apartment for sale Sunshine Horizon apartment in District 4 – Resort 4.0 apartment complex in the heart of District 4

Apartment for sale – Sunshine Horizon in District 4 – Resort 4.0 in apartment complex in the heart of District 4

In addition to the urban “5-star resorts” that are “storming” in District 7, coming soon, Sunshine Group will continue to spend thousands of billion VND on a much more luxurious project called Sunshine Horizon. Located right in the heart of District 4, this will be the only Resort 4.0 apartment complex in the heart of Saigon.

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🕓 Estimated price of Sunshine Horizon apartment:

🕓 Officetel: Min 65 Million VND/ m2 – MAX 75 Million VND/ m2

🕓 Apartment: Min 75 Million VND/ m2 – MAX 85 Million VND/ m2.

🕓 Investor of Sunshine Group

 Location: 78 Ton That Thuyet, Ward 16, District 4, Ho Chi Minh Cit

🍒Total land area: 13,841m2

🍒 Total of apartments: 2 towers with 34th storey, 750 standard apartments and 20 Shophouses

  • Shophouses occupy 1st, 2nd and 3rd storey
  • 4th storey: General Utilities
  • Officetel from 5-9th storey
  • Apartment from 10-32nd storey

🍒Officetel and apartment from 1 to 3 bedrooms

🍒Apartment area:

  • Standard apartments from 50m2 – 135m2
  • Commercial apartments from 100m2 – 185m2

🍒 Facilities: reception & reception lounge, infinity pool, sauna, gym, Yoga, internal park, Sky Garden, BBQ area, Cinema v.v,…

🍒 Handover standard: Full of built-in wall furniture and high quality imported.

🍒 50 years legal for foreigners.

🍒 Long term for Vietnamese people.

🍒 Commencement in 2020

🍒 Complete in 2022

Reparations of Apartments

Regional Connection: 5min – 10min – 15min Equivalent to 1Km – 2km – 3Km

Smarthome 4.0 in Sunshine Horizon

Confortable Payment Schedule of Sunshine Horizon



1) Price:

– Officetel Min 65 Million VND / m2 – MAX 75 Million VND / m2
– Apartment: Min 75 Million VND / m2 – MAX 85 Million VND / m2

** With the advantages of the project and the values ​​that the project is and will bring, Proviewland sees that the price offered by Investor is not high compared to both previous projects.

2) Handover Status: Full of built-in wall furniture. It is so easy to set up your favourate furniture in your way.

3) Payment method (Advantages: Payment By Construction Progress, suitable for people who want to buy a property but still be able to share money flow in business at the same time)

4) Location: Located at 78 Ton That Thuyet, District 4, near Tan Thuan Bridge. This location is assessed to own “Golden Land” of District 4 and very convenient traffic connection to District 1, District 2, District 3, District 5, District 7, District 8 …

5) Invest into Sunshine Horizon today, you will surely receive the highest value when the apartment is handed over in 2022, when apartment sale price will increase every year, even month by month, day by day. Buy today to get the cheapest price, that is a wise choice.

Statictics for a Property after 2 year handover:

a) The price of new property in the area of ​​3km radius, higher from 10-30-50%
b) The beautiful land fund is not much, less choice or have to buy with a very high price.
c) Utilities: Shopping Mall, Office, Service apartment, Apartment, Swimming Pool designed like a mini water park, nice park.

6) Statistics of sale price of high-end apartment projects in the same segment that have been implemented in the area:

De La Sol: 70 – 90 million/ m2
Saigon Royal: From 70 – 81 million / m2
Masteri Millennium: From 67 – 75 million / m2.
The Tresor: From 55 – 67 million / m2.
River Gate Residence: 54 – 62 million / m2.
Icon 56: About 51 – 61 million / m2.
Sunshine Horizon: from 65 million – 85 million / m2

It can be seen that compared to the common price of luxury apartment projects in District 4. The expected sale price of Sunshine Horizon is also in the top of the area. But according to experts, this expected price is quite reasonable, due to the series of advantages that the Sunshine Horizon District 4 project possesses.

♦♦♦Finally: Based on more than 10 years of experience in consulting, brokerage, buying and selling and leasing high-end real estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City area. We understand the importance, strategic location, and also price of projects in the region. Proviewland realized that Sunshine Horizon 4.0 apartment, whether purchased or invested, were highly profitable compared to previous projects in the region.

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