Sunwah Pearl apartment for rent


Location: 90 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, City. Ho Chi Minh

Number of apartments: 1,250 units

Room type: 1-3 Bedrooms

Rental: $650 – $1,800 / Month

Price: $163,090 – $643,776 /Unit


No. Information Price Price/m2 Photos Link
1  Apartment 3BRs, 2WC, area 125m2, high floor block Silver, 100% river view. $2,000 $16/m2 Photos
2  Apartment with 3BRs, 2WC, … 122m2, basic furniture, had curtains, river view. $1,500 $12.2/m2 Photos
3  Apartment 3BRs, 2WC, … Area 129m2, semi-furnished, middle floor Golden block, river view. $1,500 $11.6/m2 Photos
4  Block Golden, 3BRs, 2WC, … with area 103.66m2, river view, no furniture
$1,300 $12.5/m2 Photos
5  Apartment includes 3BRs, 2WC, … with area of ​​123m2, full furniture, high floor block Silver. $2,200 $17.8/m2 Photos
6  Apartment includes 2BRs, 2WC, … 87m2, block Golden high floor, no furniture
$870 $10/m2 Photos
7  Apartment includes 2BRs, 2WC, high floor, Golden block, 101m2, nice furniture $870 $8.6/m2 Photos
8  White block, apartment high floor, including 2BRs, 2WC, … 103.9m2, fully furnished. $1,200 $11.5/m2 Photos
9  Apartment block Silver, middle floor, including 2BRs, 2WC, … has area of 106m2. $1,300 $12.2/m2 Photos
10  Apartment area 105m2, including 2BRs, 2WC, southwest balcony, interior view. $1,450 $13.8/m2 Photos
11  Apartment includes 2BRs, 2WC, … with area of 105m2, high floor block Silver, full furniture. $1,800 $18/m2 Photos
12  White block, high floor, including 1BR, 1WC, 53m2, fully furnished, 100% new house, internal park view. $900 $16.9/m2 Photos
13  Apartment has area of 53m2, 1BR, 1WC, … middle floor, block White, full high-class furniture. $700 $13.2/m2 Photos
14  Apartment 2BRs, 2WC, high floor 3X block Golden, area 103.66m2, fully furnished. $1,300 $12.5/m2 Photos


– Apartment 1PN (53m2 – 55m2): Rental price from $ 550 – $ 860 / month.
– Apartment 2 bedrooms (87m2 – 112m2): Rent from $ 860 – $ 1,500 / month.
– Apartment 3 bedrooms (122m2 – 133m2): Rent from $ 860 – $ 2,000 / month.
– Penthouse 4 bedrooms (250m2-300m2). Rent from: $ 6,000 – $ 8,000 / Month

The apartments are hot and cheap at the moment.
– 3PN GH. 40.01, 133m2, river balcony view and Landmark 81.
Rental price 25 million / month basic furniture.
– 2PN WH. 22.01, 98m2, southwest balcony, river view and panoramic view of Bitexco. Rental price 25 million / month.

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Sunwah Pearl apartment for rent is the third product of Sunwah Hong Kong Group after the success of 2 Sunwah Tower luxury apartment projects in District 1 and Saigon Pearl in Binh Thanh District.
– Owning a prime location right at 90 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, City. Ho Chi Minh right in front of Saigon Pearl project, next to Thu Thiem bridge.


Name of project: Sunwah Pearl
Type Commercial, Service, Office, High-end Apartment
Location, Address No. 90 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, City. Ho Chi Minh
Year of handing over the apartment July 2020
Air conditioner type: Single is not bare
Investor: Sun Wah Group Real Estate Group (Hong Kong)
Overall area The total area is 19,071m2
Total Apartments 1,250 units
Number of floors 45 -50 floors
Total number of courts 2 basements, 3 towers Silver House, Golden House and White House
Apartment area & number of bedrooms 1 bedroom apartment: 52.59 – 56.49 m2
Two-bedroom apartment: 87.77 – 112.78 m2
3 bedroom apartment: 122.26 – 133.28 m2
Shophouse – Penthouse – Office
Utilities Parking lot, BBQ grill, Elevator, Shopping mall, Swimming pool, Community activities room, Gym, Park, 24/7 security, Children’s playground
Apartment Management Fee 20,500 VND / m2 /
Car parking fee: VND 2 million / seat / month
Motorbike parking fee: 310,000 VND / seat / month
Apartment price – 1 bedroom apartment, 55m2. Price: 3.8-4.5 billion / unit
– 2 bedrooms apartment, 88-110m2. Price: 6.5-8.5 billion / unit
– Apartment 3 bedrooms, 122-133m2. Price: 9-15 billion / unit
1) Host Vietnamese: 100% have pink book
2) Foreigner Landlord: Sales Contract, 50-year long-term lease
Apartment rental price – 1 bedroom apartment, 55m2. Price: $ 650 – $ 800 / month
– 2 bedrooms apartment, 88-110 square meter. Price: $ 800 – $ 1,200 / Month
– Apartment 3 bedrooms, 122-133m2. Price: $ 1,200 – $ 1,800 / Month
This reference rents are for apartments without furniture.
Lease term: at least 1 year

Location of Sunwah Pearl apartment project with convenient traffic: Located at 90 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. Adjacent to the center of District 1, from District 2 via Saigon Bridge and other areas through major roads.

Sun Wah Pearl owns a beautiful location in front of Saigon Pearl project. From Sun Wah Pearl, you can easily move into the city center or other neighboring districts. Due to the large river frontage, you can also travel by Water very conveniently.

From Sun Wah Pearl you just need to walk across Thu Thiem Bridge to the administrative center. SunWah Pearl has an unusual beauty compared to other apartment projects. A masterpiece of the Sun Wah Group, named as the pearl of Saigon. The curving lines of the project like blending with the Saigon River, with Nguyen Huu Canh Street and with Thu Thiem Bridge.

– Adjacent to Nguyen Huu Canh street in the North
– The South borders on riverside roads and Saigon River
– The West borders on N1 street (beside Thu Thiem 1 bridge)
– To the East, it borders on Vo Duy Ninh street and Saigon Pearl villa area.

Sunwah Pearl apartment project – Most modern and luxurious. The semi-open space layout with charming and convenient views for urban life is always a design criterion in Sunwah Pearl Project. This place will become the most advanced and modern urban architecture model.


The ground plan of Sunwah Pearl B1 building has a total of 10 units / 1 floor, of which there are 6 units of 1 bedroom and 4 apartments of 2 bedrooms. Sunwah Pearl 1 bedroom apartment project at numbers: 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9. And the 2 bedroom apartment of Sunwah Pearl project is located at: 1, 5, 6 and 10

Layout of Sunwah Pearl apartment block B2 – Sunwah Pearl complex: In this building, there will be 9 units / 1 floor including: 1 apartment 1 bedroom, 4 apartments 2 bedrooms and 4 apartments 3 bedrooms


Sunwah Pearl apartment block B3 – Sunwah Pearl complex: There are 14 apartments / 1 floor, including: 10 apartments with 2 bedrooms and 4 apartments with 3 bedrooms. 2PN apartment at number: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. 3PN apartment in the number position: 1, 7, 8 and 14

>>> More: layout Sunwah Pearl Binh Thanh

Sunwah Pearl project utilities are benefits, including both material and spiritual, that the project brings to customers. Depending on the utility level of the project, new investors can decide whether to choose apartments here over apartments of other famous projects.

Internal utilities:

Sunwah Pearl apartment is oriented to be the most luxury apartment complex in the City, a self-contained, multi-functional complex with a variety of utilities, rich, perfect service with the desire to bring Residents living in Sunwah Pearl have a perfect lifestyle, enduring over time. Residents of Sunwah Pearl always enjoy the highest level of facilities and services.

– Trade center 8,000 m2 (6 floors of podiums)
– The inner riverside green park with rows of green trees on the 6th floor.
– The overflowing swimming pool is filled with cool air with a landscape lake.
– The gym overlooks the Saigon River.
– Children’s play area.
– Supermarkets and convenience stores, …

In addition, residents here also enjoy the fresh and fresh air from the Saigon River. Enjoy relaxing cuisine and coffee at the restaurant and lounge system right below the building. There are many other utilities serving residents here such as: Lounge lounge, community room, sports field, … Inside the project, there are also a full range of luxury restaurants, 5-star hotels Grade A office, …


Utilities outside the area:

Not only possessing a series of excellent and outstanding internal utility complexes, but the Sun Wah Pearl project also owns a whole system of diverse and high-end external utilities. Located in the place where there are cult real estate projects such as: Vinhomes Ba Son, Vinhomes Central Park, Saigon Pearl, The Manor, .. and high-class amenities inside those projects.

– Riverside Green Park: Possessing a beautiful location next to the Saigon River, the Sunwah Pearl project is next to a 14-hectare riverside park that is the best for residents to have a perfect living space.
– International schools: Modern education is always the top concern, realizing that importance, international schools around Sunwah Pearl apartments such as Wellspring, Vinschool, ISSP were born to serve residents. of the Sunwah Pearl complex. These are schools that are taught according to international standards, and enroll students from kindergarten to high school.
Besides, around the project, there are many other classy facilities: international hospital, bank, metro subway station, marina, restaurant, …

Sunwah Pearl apartment for sale Sunwah Pearl apartment for rent Apartment for rent in Binh Thanh

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