Vinhomes Central Park is the owner of the apartment on the middle floor of the LandMark4 tower

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For sale $366,968 - Apartment
109 m3 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Print
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Note: The above price is subject to change by landlord without prior notice. Price and availability have to checked at the time or enquiry.
Please contact (+84) 919 46 2121 for exact price.
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Vinhomes Central Park is an apartment for sale on the middle floor of the LandMark4 tower, 3 bedrooms with full furniture, 2 bathrooms with an area of ​​​​108.7m2, beautiful view to see 3 fireworks displays.
Selling 8.5 billion VND ~ $366,968 (Included)
Utilities available at Vinhomes Central Park apartments:
♦ Vinschool Central Park, Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital, Luxury Marina, Outdoor Children’s Playground
♦ Commercial center: Indoor ice rink, Vinpearland Game, Modern cinema, Green park
♦ Smart parking tunnel (magnetic card + electronic board showing the number of empty spaces for cars to park to avoid wasting time)
♦ Isolated area (except shophouse)
♦ Lobby to welcome guests, Luxury lobby (lobby for residents to receive guests is very luxurious according to 5-star standard)
♦ Community house- Outdoor swimming pool and green trees in apartment complexes, System of outdoor sports courts (mini football field, tennis court, basketball court)
♦ Gym, Security and surveillance camera system 24/7
Currently, we also rent or sell some Vinhomes Central Park apartments in Binh Thanh district as follows:
♦ Vinhomes apartment for rent 1 bedroom from 46 – 53m2
Basic furniture: 550 USD – 600 USD/month
Fully furnished: 750 USD – 800 USD/month, selling price 5 Billion or more
♦ Vinhomes apartment for rent with 2 bedrooms from 75 – 91m2
Basic furniture: 750 USD – 850 USD/month
Fully furnished: 1100 USD – 1200 USD/month, selling price 8 Billion or more
♦ Vinhomes apartment for rent with 3 bedrooms from 115 – 135m2
Basic furniture: 1100 USD – 1200 USD/month
Fully furnished: 1400 USD – 1500 USD/month, original price 17 Billion or more
♦ Vinhomes apartment for rent with 4 bedrooms from 140-154m2
Basic furniture: 1500 USD – 1600 USD/month
Fully furnished: 1800 USD – 1900 USD/month, selling price 22 Billion or more
♦ Shophouse Vinhomes Central Park for rent, convenient for business: from 3,500 USD – 7,500 USD/month
♦ Penthouse price for rent in Vinhomes Central Park, 5 bedrooms: from 4500 USD – 5800 USD/month Note: Real estate products posted by Proviewland on real estate classifieds websites are only a small part of the total shopping cart. to rent. (Limited marketing staff).
If buyers and tenants want to see more properties of the same project, with a radius of 1km (the safest level), the same area of ​​a radius of 3km (a safe level can be considered), please Visit website for more information.



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