Townhouse for sale in Q2 Thao Dien 154sqm 5 floors pay 30% received house

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For sale $1,694,000 - House, Villa
605 m2 4 Bedrooms Print
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Note: The above price is subject to change by landlord without prior notice. Price and availability have to checked at the time or enquiry.
Please contact (+84) 919 46 2121 for exact price.
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Selling townhouses at Q2 Thao Dien project, Located at: 3 fronts prime location in Thao Dien: Street No. 10, Vo Truong Toan, An Phu, Dist. 2, HCM.
– With 154m2 land area, 605.6m2 floor area, built 1 ground floor + 4 floors + terrace
– All townhouses are designed in a modern and smart Asian style to make the most of the light while creating a spacious space. Each of these five-storey townhouses is functional but still looks luxurious, from open living room spaces, stylish kitchens, exquisite bathrooms to perfect exterior spaces.

Price: $2,800/m2 ~ $1,694,000

*** Just pay 30% of sales contract
Payment schedule: 50% in 2 years.
Stage 1: Within 14 days of signing Thuan Thuan deposit TT 10%.
Stage 2: Every 3 months, Sign Contract 10% TT.
Phase 3: 6 months after the first session, TT 5%.
Session 4: 9 months after the first session TT 5%.
Stage 5: 12 months after the first session, TT 5%.
Session 6: About 15 months after the first session, TT 5%.
Session 7: 18 months after the first session 5% TT.
Session 8: 21 months after the first session, TT 5%.
Session 9: Handover of Quarter IV / 2021 TT 45% (No Payment 2% maintenance fee).
Session 10: Receive TT book 5%.
Expected late 2021 early 2022 handover.
Handover complete the rough outside.

Added value of Q2 Thao Dien:
1. Very favorable position in Thao Dien area, 3 fronts of Vo Truong Toan street, Street No. 9 and Road No. 10, District 2.
2. Only 5 minutes walk from Metro An Phu station, shorten time to District 1 to 5 minutes.
3. Thao Dien area is famous for its large expatriate community, many international schools, hospitals, restaurants and services. This area in the next 3 years will become a miniature city in the heart of District 2. The rental potential is very high.
4. Rare projects with villas and townhouses in this area plus a limited number of products will attract investors.
5. Unique design, luxurious interior handover and outstanding utility system


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